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About Suzanne K. Milton

I have always loved bright, bold colors and I enjoy expressing myself through them. My paintings reflect my emotions; my highs and lows. I like to paint in the abstract because emotions aren't concrete, black and white concepts. They blend together, get confused together, contradict each other and don't always make sense. I love exploring new techniques as new emotions are always looking for creative ways to be expressed. I love to create and it brings me great joy when my creations resonate with others as well!

I don't think I'm crazy, but I'm definitely a cat lady! I love shiny things, like disco balls and diamonds. I train in Krav Maga and sometimes play the drums and ride on skateboards and subways. 

If you want to know more, feel free to check out my blog!

Jasmine H., NYC

“I bought Suzanne's artwork years ago and it's still one of my precious finds. The color she used in the work honestly adds a touch of calm and unexpected beauty in my home. I love it!"

Gabriel C., TX

"I am an avid collector of fine art and have several pieces of Suzanne's. Each piece of art cultivates peace and hopefullness. Having her art in my space has brought me so much joy and solitude. If you haven't scrolled through her work, do so, she is among the greatest artists I know."

Andy D., L.A.

"I asked my longtime friend, Suzanne, to create something to commemorate my relocation to Los Angeles. Striking while she was inspired, she painted this amazing work within one week! I love having this as the centerpiece of my bedroom, and I've enjoyed losing myself in it during my many restless nights."

Kristin F., NYC

"When I first saw it, it just struck me and just made me feel something...The juxtaposition of colors, the colors dripping down into the list of words was like all the things I feel or think or long for, but interrupted by something else, like an obstacle but maybe not...It sort of feels like what my life feels like- beautiful and messy and purposeful and unexpected and usual and bright and dark and full of ideas and desires..." 

Brittany S., KY

“I have loved Suzanne's art work for years and have many of her pieces. When it came time to plan my wedding, I knew I wanted to incorporate her work. I commissioned two pieces to be used as the design for the invitations, save the dates, and decorations. She was so easy to work with and really wanted to create special art just for me. We had a discussion about what I wanted my wedding to look like and with that information, she created gorgeous art that encapsulates the mood and feel of the day! I even purchased the originals to to be displayed in my home! I'm so excited for the wedding and Suzanne really helped make it so special!" 
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